CAD Support

There are plenty of resources that you can refer to for CAD support. That precisely is the problem. Many overhead hours are spent sifting through resources trying to find out a solution. We provide solutions that directly relate to your organization and industry needs.

General CAD Support

We offer one-off services or an ongoing support that gives you access to our Client Portal. The portal is customized for every organization with videos and tutorials that directly relates to your organization. The Portal also documents and keeps log of solutions for the problems faced by employees of your organization. Our CAD support includes

  • Standards Development and Management

  • Implementation of new Software or procedures

  • Custom application development and implementation

  • General online, in-person or over the phone CAD support

  • License management, installation and updates.

CAD Systems Testing, Analysis & Implementation

Design and drafting software are constantly evolving. With new software launches and new features being introduced in existing software, it is hard to keep track and determine the best software solution for your industry. We closely work with you and understand the results you want to achieve with your software. We have up to date knowledge of various software and can test and analyze any software to determine the best fit for you. We not only help you decide on the best solution for your industry, we also create the implementation plan and can provide ongoing support to facilitate smooth transition.

Custom CAD Solutions

Custom Solutions for Pipeline Industry: We can develop LISPS, Macros and .NET applications to facilitate the drafting of various kinds of drawings.

Automated Process created by us are already being used in various organizations.

CAD Audit

Outdated CAD software and practices can lead to decreased productivity and profits. We go through your CAD processes and make recommendations to increase productivity and profits.